Thomas Company provides single tenant, net leased brokerage and capital markets advisory nationwide. With over $6.9 billion worth of net leased investment properties transacted, we have delivered superior results for our clients.

Single Asset Sales

Executing NNN, or net lease properties for owners of net leased investments requires a team with deep institutional and private capital relationships as well as the singular focus to maximize value.

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Multi Market Portfolios

Net lease property portfolio dispositions require the ability to access both institutional and private capital from coast to coast, while managing the complexity of dual track marketing.

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Zero Cash Flow Investments

Due to their high leverage and flexible assumptions, zero cash flow investments provide a unique solution for investors seeking 1031 exchange replacement properties.

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Sale Leasebacks

Corporations utilize capital most effectively when investing in their core business. Well executed sale leaseback financing unlocks capital while allowing the seller to maintain long-term operational control.

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Ground Leases

Ground leases, if structured correctly and valued with precision, are among the most secure commercial real estate investment opportunities in the marketplace.

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Asset Valuation

Positioning net leased investment properties in a dynamic market requires a team of net lease brokers with expert research capabilities and a sole focus on the national single tenant net lease market.

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