Recently Closed | Verizon Wireless, Christiansburg, VA

Thomas Company is pleased to announce the successful closing of a Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) located in Christiansburg, VA in the newly developed Christiansburg Marketplace. This fee simple interest property totals 2,500 square feet of retail space with over 7 years of term remaining and 5% escalations. This property offers limited landlord responsibilities. The list price for this property was approximately $2 million.

Key Highlights

  • Investing in a property only 4 miles from Virginia Tech University offers a unique opportunity. The student population, surpassing 30,000, ensures constant demand for amenities like dining, housing, and retail. Situated within the newly developed Christiansburg Marketplace, the property benefits from burgeoning economic activity, making it an attractive investment prospect.
  • This newly built free-standing building comes with limited landlord responsibilities and 5% escalations offering the new owners a hedge against inflation.